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LeafGuard Gutters Never Clog, Guaranteed

LeafGuard: Get ‘Em and Forget ‘Em

LeafGuard® is a patented, one-piece seamless gutter system that is guaranteed never to clog. Save yourself seasonal trips up the ladder and onto the roof and experience the LeafGuard® advantage today.

About Us
hand full of dirt and soil in a gutter

The Problem with Clogged Gutters

Ordinary gutters capture rainwater, but they also collect leaves, twigs and other organic debris that can become clogged and impede the flow of water.

Clogs cause water to spill over your gutter and pool on the ground below, resulting in damage to your shrubs, surface erosion, and moisture seepage into your foundation causing cracks and basement flooding. And don’t underestimate the danger of clogs attracting pests. Some critters are attracted to the acorns and seeds that can collect in your gutters. Insects, mold, and bacteria can grow in standing water and wet clogs.

close-up of LeafGuard gutters

The Need for LeafGuard® Gutters

With LeafGuard® clog-free gutters, you can forget about water damage, surface erosion, and climbing ladders. LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are guaranteed not to clog for as long as you own your home, or LeafGuard® of Indiana will clean your gutters free of charge.

detail view of rain in a rain gutter

How It Works

The key to the LeafGuard® gutter system is based on the scientific principle of liquid adhesion. According to this principle, as liquid moves across surfaces, it adheres. This also holds true as liquids travel across curved or rounded surfaces. Because of this, the LeafGuard® gutters’ patented design consists of a curved hood that allows rainwater to travel down and around into the gutter to be flushed away while sifting away leaves and debris that would normally accumulate with traditional gutter systems.

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